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Margery International Group S.à r.l.


Founded in Luxembourg, the world financial center, Mamry International lays out the global fashion industry and builds cosmetics, fashion, jewelry and other industries in stages. While building the group's top fashion brands, it establishes and incubates all-around globalized fashion brand clusters.


ARGENT LIS, as the parent brand of the group, is designed by the French well-known brand design team, with humanization, practicality and environmental protection as the brand concept. The industry mainly involves cosmetics, clothing, jewelry and other industries, creating sub-brands according to different industries. Each sub-brand is divided into self-owned brands and regional brands. LIS focuses on pure and natural skin care products, using high-quality organic raw materials to pursue healthy and beautiful skin. Show noble and elegant taste.


      I like all beautiful things, beautiful faces, elegant fashion, noble jewelry, these fashion products are not representatives of vanity, but the products of human pursuit of a better life. Everyone has a love of beauty, and learning to find their own beauty is a lifelong subject for every woman. We want to be the best of ourselves, and we want life to be beautiful and complete.

      I founded my own personal brand (ARGENT LIS) in Paris, France. I gave all the emotion to this brand, hoping to sow this beautiful seed, accompany my life to grow up and mature gradually, wait for her to blossom and bear fruit, and spread the fruit of beauty to the whole world, so that all women who love beauty can feel the power that beauty can bring to us.




Originator Lilian   



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Make the world a better place because it is beautiful.



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China address:3 / F, Building 4, 122 Hongtai Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

​European address:11, Rue Nicolas Margue L-2176 Luxembourg




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