​Group strategic map

        Mamery International was founded in the world financial center "Luxembourg, the group layout of the global" industry, phased creation of cosmetics, fashion, jewelry and other industrial directions, while building the group's top fashion brands at the same time to establish and incubate full-scale globalized fashion brand clusters.

        By cultivating the business strategy of brand tree, vertically opening up the upstream and downstream of the industry, horizontally linking the superior resources of the industry, and integrating the head channels of the industry chain, we can form a brand cluster and finally realize the global commercial value. The group sets up a global layout from Luxembourg, setting up a technology research and development center in Italy, a brand design center in France and an industrial operation center in China.

​​Group Development

       In the fierce and ever-changing fashion market, with excellent insights and unique strategies, we have laid out the global fashion industry. Established technology research and development center and brand design center, the parent brand is Argent Lis. At the same time, establish an industrial operation center in China to realize the layout of the entire industrial chain.

​Business direction


​Organic skin care

​Fashionable clothing

Jewellery accessories

​​Organic skin care


Pure natural organic cosmetics are pure and natural beauty products, committed to providing a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly choice, allowing people to pay attention to nature and physical health while pursuing beauty.


​Fashionable clothing


Fashion clothing is an expression of personality and beauty. It follows trends, emphasizes style, details and innovation, shows personal taste, fashion attitude, and exudes confidence and charm.


Jewellery accessories


Light luxury jewelry combines high quality and exquisite design, showing the perfect combination of luxury and fashion. It is an ideal choice to show personal taste and unique charm, bringing noble and elegant feelings.